From Feeding Schedules to Egg Production: The Essential Records to Keep on Your Poultry Farm

Faruk Nasir

2 min read

Record keeping is an essential aspect of poultry farming that plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and profitability of your operation. From feeding schedules to egg production, it is important to keep accurate and comprehensive records to make informed decisions and track performance over time. This guide covers the essential records that every poultry farmer should keep to achieve optimal results.

Feeding Schedules:

Keeping a detailed record of your poultry's feeding schedules is critical to ensuring their health and wellbeing. It is important to record what type of feed is given, the quantities and the times of feeding to track any changes in the birds' weight and health. This information can be used to identify any issues and make adjustments to the feeding schedule if needed.

Egg Production:

One of the most important records to keep on a poultry farm is egg production. Keeping track of the number of eggs laid by each bird, the weight of each egg and the number of eggs collected daily can help you identify trends and make changes to your feeding and management practices to maximize egg production.

Feed Inventory:

Keeping track of your feed inventory is crucial for ensuring that you always have enough feed on hand for your birds. This record should include the type and quantity of feed you have in stock, the date it was purchased, the date it was opened and the date it will expire. This information can help you make informed decisions about when to order more feed and minimize waste.

Health Records:

Health records are important for tracking the health of your birds and identifying any issues that may arise. This record should include any treatments or vaccinations given to the birds, the date and the reason for treatment. This information can be used to monitor the health of the flock and ensure that they are receiving the appropriate care.


Effective record keeping is a critical aspect of poultry farming that can help you maximize efficiency, profitability and ensure the health and wellbeing of your birds. By keeping accurate records of your birds' feeding schedules, egg production, feed inventory and health, you can make informed decisions, track performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Whether you choose to keep records manually or use a software solution, it is important to be consistent and comprehensive in your record keeping practices.

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